Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Community and McKenzie-Mohr

Finally a topic no longer specifically related to a psychology case study!

Although psychology is deeply entrenched in behavioral research and obviously important to consider during any community based social marketing, it was refreshing for me to find a direct relationship with what I do for work, and the work of Dr. Doug Mckenzie-Mohr.

I have started reading Mckenzie-Mohr’s Social Marketing to Protect the Environment as a follow up to his previous work, Fostering Sustainable Behavior, and the quality of information found within the pages of this book has been invaluable to my potential thesis work. I thought this might be one of the best additions to my literature review, and then we were directed to several websites in class.

This is a resource I welcomed with open arms! There are almost 1500 articles pertaining to community based social marketing, and within these are case studies about waste, the introduction of new curbside collection programs, and how to identify barriers and bridges to participation in these programs.

The forums were also a source of innovation, inspiration, and project sharing. I’m looking forward to taking a peruse through these when I can afford to allot time to do so. A project that captured my attention was a woman looking to start a recycling center in Uganda. This web resource really spans the world, and community based solutions can connect people and the environment in engaging and meaningful ways.

A community based project asking Calgary youth what they loved and what they would change about Calgary. A couple of my colleagues and his worship Mayor Nenshi. 
The addition of the book Fostering Sustainable Behavior being available as an online resource through the website was also a nice touch. Although I own the book, if I don’t want to haul it around, it’s online!

Overall I was extremely pleased with this resource. I will keep my eyes open for an upcoming webinar or workshop from Mckenzie-Mohr, as I feel I would benefit from more exposure to the concept of community based social marketing. 

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